Rebel Records CLP 1067:
"The Northlands' Own: Tom Connors"


Side A

The World Goes Round

The Maritime Waltz

The Nothern Gentleman

May, The Millwright's Daughter

Algoma Central No. 69

Streets of Toronto

Sudbury Saturday Night

Movin' On To Rouyn

Side B

Emily, The Maple Leaf

My Home Cradled Out In The Waves

The Peterborough Postman

Goin' Back Up North

Little Wawa

My Swisha Miss


The Flyin' C.P.R.

This is Tom's first album, released in 1967. The Rebel label was owned by John Irvine, who also took the cover photograph and wrote the liner notes. The only album with a photograph of Tom not wearing a black hat, it is also only one of the two albums that was released before Tom started using the "Stompin" prefix.

The recording used in this pressing was lost, and subsequent releases of "Northland's Own" on Dominion and Boot used a later recording.

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