Rebel Records CLPS 1070:
"On Tragedy Trail"


Side A

Tragedy Trail

How The Mountain Came Down

Shanty Town Sharon

Fire In The Mine

Somewhere, There's Sorrow

Don Valley Jail

Side B

Benny The Bum

Black Donnelly's Massacre

Battle Of Despair

Reesor Crossing Tragedy

The Little Boy's Prayer

Around The Bay and Back Again

This is the second (and last) album Tom released on Rebel. The photo on the cover was taken at a cemetary just south of Sharon, Ontario - the gates of which still appear today much as they did in 1969 when this album was released. This album contains the infamous "Reesor Crossing Tragedy" song - and, like the "Northlands Own" album also released on Rebel, the master recording was lost after this album was released (with re-recordings used for subsequent re-releases of "On Tragedy Trail").

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