I've been a fan of Stompin' Tom's since 1970. I saw him in concert in Dryden that year, he was also in our Christmas parade that year. I saw him in concert again in Dryden in 1973 and 1976. I was a teenager and saved all my money to buy Stompin' Tom records. I found if I hung around until the last few, I not only got an autograph but he would spend time talking and having pictures taken so I was the last one in line in 1976. I'm attaching a picture taken that year of me with Tom.

It was 14 years before I saw him in concert again. During that time I got married and I told my husband I wanted to honeymoon to Prince Edward Island and see Skinners Pond where Stompin' Tom grew up. The year we were there, the school house was closed but I took pictures anyway.

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