It was early in the summer that I heard about the MAN OF THE LAND TOUR! When I found out that Stompin' Tom was coming to my area I knew right away I was going to go, weather it be in Carleton Place or in Pembroke or in both, but my school hours didn't allow for both, but hey, I was happy just to get to see him again. It's been five years since I've seen Stompin' Tom live, and believe me I was excited. It seemed like forever for August to arrive.

I arrived at the Carleton Place Arena at about 7:00pm and the show didn't start till 8:00. I wanted to be there in plenty of time to beat the rush at the door, cause I knew the seats weren't numbered so basically it was first come first serve for a seat. When 7:30 rolled around they started letting people in, so I made a run towards the seats and I managed to get second row seats directly infront of Stompin' Tom.

I've been a HUGE Stompin' Tom fan for a long time now, and I was hoping that I was going to be able to meet him that night, which would be a tricky thing to do.

I waited axiously for the show to start, and finally his band came out and started to play, they were a great band, they played alot of Stompin' Tom songs, plus other songs that I wasn't familiar with, but enough was enough, I wanted to see Stompin' Tom,
and finally I heard his little intro jingle coming from the lead guitarists guitar and
out he came, and it was nothing but a mad rush of people running
towards the stage to get closer.

Tom has a great sense of humour, he likes to tell jokes and one of the ones that sticks out in my head was when he said " I'd like to show you people in the Ottawa Valley how a Newfie pours himself a Glass of Beer" turning to his water stand, he poured a glass of water, then drank from the pitcher.

The man that Hired Stompin' Tom to play in Timmins when it all began for him in 1964 was at the concert and he was introduced by Tom during the show. It turned out he was sitting just over a little bit from me, so during the intermission, I went up to him and told him that I'm a really big Stompin' Tom fan and wondered if there was any chance I'd be able to meet him, he said that he was going back to see Tom then and he'd see what he could do, he told me to just wait around the stage area after the show and he'd meet me there and let me know.

After about 25 minutes the band returned to the stage a played some more tunes, but again I was getting axious to see Tom again. Once Tom finally came out again, I looked over at the man I was talking to earlier and he gave me a big two thumbs up, so I figured I was in for sure. The second half of the show was just as great as the first half, but it seems to go by so fast.

When Tom sang his last song and went off the stage, everyone cheered and applauded until finally he came back out for an encore, I think the song was "My Stompin' Grounds", but all too soon the song was over and he picked up his piece of plywood and exited the stage.

After the show, I waited around the stage like the man told me to until the crowd cleared away, but there was no sign of either the man or of Stompin' Tom. One of the Security Gaurds told me that Stompin' Tom would be signing autographs over at the other side, so I decided to go over there and check it out, but Tom was no where to be found. A tall man was walking around that I knew had to be Stompin' Tom's son just because he looked so much like him, so I decided to ask him what my possibilites would be to meet him, and he said that he had already left, I felt a bit disappointed cause I thought for sure I was gonna meet him that night, but hey, I got to see him live again, close enough that I could almost touch his leg.

Seeing Stompin' Tom in Concert gives you a feeling unlike any other, I will definetaly go back to see him again when ever possible.
It was a night to Remember!!!

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