The time had come for the Man of the Land to start getting this one big party started, and I couldn't wait. I had the best seats that I could possibly asked for, but I thought I would take the chance to head up to the front of the stage, which was a walking path, that I noticed during every performances that people were standing and viewing the performers. So with camera in hand, and girlfriend (Heather) by my side, we headed to the path. I thought for sure I would have some great shots here, and that I did. I also knew that I would probably have a strugle with all the fans that where up there party'in'. So the music began to start while Marc and the Formula started things off like they do at the other shows of Toms, with a few sets of their own! After they finished, on came the Stompin' Tom sort of speak theme music, and out walked Tom, board in hand, and wavin' to all the screamin' and cheering fans. I now, being squashed from every person that I could imagine, I climb up on to my cooler, and started Shooting off my camera. Tom kicked the show off with "Bud the Spud", and the crowd and me went nuts! As Tom played the more the crowd got going and the more I got crushed by all the people joining in the already over populated path area, so I thought this cannot be where I'm gonna be for the rest of his performance. So I continued to take some photos' which in turn, turned out to be one and a half rolls of film. (47 pictures in total)

During his singing, he took a few pauses to poke fun at some wild drunks in the crowd, who where chantin' stuff at him, like"He was a God!" and "They wanted his Mulskinner Disease!" He even said a comment about some guys wife, which I didn't get all of it, so I don't know what it was all about. As well, Tom did the old show us how a Newfie pours hiself a drink. He poured some water from a jug into the glass that was on the stool beside him. And then in stead of drinkin' from the jug, he reached inside of it, and pulled out a bottle of beer, and cracked it open and took a drink, then held it high over his head, while the crowd went nuts!

Tom gave a great performance, as usual, givin' all that he can to us fans. I was really glad to hear some new songs that he didn't do last year, which most of them where also in my top ten favorite songs of his. Such hits like "Muk Tuk Annie", and "Tribute to Wilf Carter", and "C.A.N.A.D.A" (which during it, he forgot where he was at in the song, and kept on strumin' the ole' guitar, while doing the chores, over and over again, while laughin' with the crowd!)

Toms final song started off by him saying that his new album was coming out, and this one last song which he wrote last night wasn't going to be on it, because EMI (his label) didn't like the song, and he wanted to know what everyone else thought of it. So off he went to sing "Sudbury Saturday Night" which we all knew and the crowd went crazy, and singing and stompin'. Well I wished it had of lasted a lot longer but I knew the next act had to begin, so off went Tom and that was the end of that. I then went straight to my seat, and there were two people in them, which I didn't mind at all since I was at the stage. When I saw them there, I thought I would have a conflict, but them being so kind, and understanding, they got right up and went off. So thanks to those two as well, I did say to them to, thanks for being co-operative with me and not giving me a hard time. But all and all, I loved it all, Tom did what he came to do and that was to stir up a crowd to really get them a partyin', in which he did and it showed all throughout the reported 50,000 people that where there that Saturday night. The Havelock Jamboree was awsome and thanks Tom once again for a great show, and I must say, they keep gettin' better each time I attend one! Keep on Stompin' eh!

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