I have been an avid fan of Stompin' Tom Connors for many years. I remember watching him get married on the "Elwood Glover Show" and I had to change lunch hours to be able to watch it. Now I think that is devotion. I was living in the Yukon at the time and had become a fan member to his fan club. I used to receive Christmas cards from him then. I was very disappointed when the fan club closed. I first saw him in person in Kamloops, B.C. and have since seen him in Prince George, B.C. and Fort St. John, B.C. I have taken friends with me to see him and they all say they would for sure go to another concert with me. The last concert in Fort St. John we traveled for 8 hours to get there and had no regrets at all as it is the best concert he has put on. All of the concerts were great but this one was the best as we got there 3 hours early to line up and ran for front row seats. I found it very emotional as I was able to give him flowers and found that a real thrill. I felt like a teenager again. We waited to meet him in person and what a rush that was for all of us. I have purchased every LP record he had out and then got all the same on tapes and now have all of them on CD's. I play them all the time and have had others listen to them and think they are great as they are all so catchy and have such real stories about CANADA eh! In November I had the opportunity to go to Toronto and the night we arrived by plane we headed straight for the "Horseshoe Tavern" but were quite disappointed as it is a young peoples bar now but got T-shirts from there anyhow. I look forward to when someone starts a fan club again as I will be one of the first to join and know of lots of others waiting too. I often phone his promotional at Rockwood to see what is new and if any new concerts. If he comes out west again I will be the first one to get tickets as I wouldn't miss the opportunity again. Hope everyone becomes fans and realizes that he is "100 % CANADIAN"

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