Well it all started out one Saturday morn in the wee hours when i received a call. It was Adam saying get up we are goin to Toms place... "Tom who" I said? Tom Connors said Adam. Well i was up in a shot. We left my town at 12:00 pm only to arrive at his house in the boonies one hour later. I saw this rather tall man with a black hat cutting his grass with his John Deere tractor. I said "no way this guy does not cut his own grass does he" ? Well sure as s--t it was Stompin Tom himself. He greeted us in. I could not believe i was here. My jaw hit the floor as i shuck his hand." My dad brought me up listening to your music" I said. And that I was honoured to be there. He showed us around and where to setup the bar. Slowly more and more people arrived. The music was playing all night and we all had a good time. I even met a friend of my mothers there. Anyway the day turned into night and the people were all having one HELL of a good time. We stayed there all night just Tom, Adam, Kelly, Toms friend sorry i forgot your name, and myself Blair. We were back home in the wee town of Uxbridge by 8:35am the next morn... Thanks again Tom so much for having such a wonderful party and for letting me be there to keep your hands full throughout the night.

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