I sat in my seat watching and waiting as I knew Mark LaForme & The Formula would be doing their set of songs, and then they started the Stompin' Tom theme music, and out came Stompin', with board in hand and waving ever so proudly to his roaring, adoring fans. Tom, Tom, Tom they all chanted, as like the other three concerts that I have attended these past two years. Everyone was going nuts, showing Tom how much he is loved by all of us Canadians. He started off the show, with good ole' "Bud the Spud". With his boot stompin' and his twangy voice twangin' he belted out song after song with everything that he had! Tom took the time out to chat a lot with the audience, which I loved because I love to hear that man talk, he has a lot of great stories to tell, and his humor is great! Person after person yelled to him to play this song, and that song, as camera flashes lit up the stage he stood upon. I having my camera with me this time, I had planned to go down to the stage before the second part of the show began. Song after song, Tom played and talked to the crowds, tellin' them all his famous jokes, that got the crowd going even more. Tom at one point said "I doing a Canadian show, and I'm not gonna do any type of American show that you see now a days, and thats just the way its 'F***in' gonna be?" The crowd went nuts with this statement, and I was shocked to hear him say this, but I thought it was great, it showed he didn't care what people thought of him and his shows! I think this had to do with him doing the odd song, and forgetting some parts of them, while he laughed it off, and Mark LaForme & The Formula kept playing until he caught up to where he should of been in the song. So then came the time for him to go and take a pee, and he left the stage, not before saying to us that he had to "GO!" and he picked up his stompin' board, and said "that they were gonna auction it off, and it was nothing but a piece of junk, and if you know anyone who works at Beaver Lumber to tell them their lumbers junk!" and he tossed the board up in the air and it fell with a "THUD!" and off he walked off the stage!

So just before the band came back on, Toms promoter came on to auction off the Stompin' Board. He told the crowd that last year at the same place (Massey Hall) which also ended off Toms 'Man of the Land tour', they auctioned off the board and it went for $10,000 dollars! That was crazy, but I guess if I had the money like that to spend I would be the highest bidder since I could then afford it! So anyway, he started off the bidding and it finally only went to $5000 dollars, but to who got the final bid? The same guy who bought the board from last year, Brian H. Gillis. So they finally left the stage, and I forgot to mention that during all the auctioning, I stood just outside of the theater room, chatting with some others that were waiting like me to head for the stage when Tom was gonna come out. So Mark played some more songs, and out again came Tom. I and others went straight to the stage, and shot after shot, I took pictures of Tom. This was a great time to do so, since Tom was talking about where the money for the board would be going and that was to food banks, that helped out orphanages. As he was explaining this, you cold hear in is voice that he was getting a little chocked-up, and he held up the board and placed it back down to do some more damage to it! I clicked shot after shot, until I was told by the security to head back to my seat! I didn't mind because, before in the first part of the concert, people were taking photos, which again was okay to do so, but then some crazy guy who got a little wild I guess you could say sat up on the stage just in front of Tom and was leaning towards Tom (his back was to Tom and he was looking towards his friend in the front row) and his friend was trying to take a picture of him, but I think before he could get a shot off, the guy was grabbed quickly by the security, and ushered off to where ever. Tom then said, during his song, "You shouldn't of done that!" and that was that, I didn't see the guy return.

Then came the song of Toms about his home land, P.E.I. and Tom got all chocked-up again with this song. I remember getting a email about this song that he did in his home coming concert in P.E.I. It was really emotional to see him act this way while trying to sing it, but after it was done, he said to the crowd "I didn't really break down during that song, so don't think I did!" I guess he might of heard like me that people really thought he was getting upset during it, and thought he might mention that he wasn't. He put out some more of his hits, and some of the people started to get up and dance in front of their seats, and I knew the night was soon to be over. I also loved it when during his "Muk Tuk Annie" song, the part where he is about to say the 's' word, it is bleeped out, and during him doing it this night, he said it, and the crowd again laughed because he did. During the whole concert some guy on the top balcony kept yellin' for Tom to do the "K.D. Lang" song, till finally Tom must of heard him and said a crack about her, that "I don't know her!, Oh her! I don't care if she hugs cows now, but you won't see me hug in' anything but cod fish! Do you all catch what I'm saying?" (he was main' a crack about her being gay! if you all didn't know!) Everyone laughed at that one! He then ended up saying near the end, "I have to take a look at me watch, cause the owners of this place want us all out of here by 11:00pm! and I can only do one more!" (Booooo, Hisssss! went the crowd!) It was 5 minutes to, and then that was it! So I started to pack while I listened to Tom, and then he thanked us all for the night, and he left the stage, slowly......waving to us all. Then the door that he exited closed and people started stompin' their feet, and chanting "Tom, Tom, Tom!" Then the door flew opened, and out came Tom again, and from the other direction of the stage out came Mark and the rest of the band, and Tom said as he strapped on his guitar, "Your lucky you all called me out again, cause I forgot to do one of the songs!" and that song was "Sudbury Saturday Night" and up rose the crowd in noise, and everyone, and I mean everyone was clappin' and singin' with Tom, till he finished her up, and off again he went. His promoter was right behind him to quickly say that he hopes to see us all again at Lu Lu's this New Years Eve, for 2000, and they were off.

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