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Well folks,

This may be the most valued piece of Stompin' Tom "Tomabillia" yet !! Only a limited number of these were made and we were able to obtain the last few to pass along to the fans that would appreciate having this rare and unique item in their Stompin' Tom collection.

The photo shown in the center of the Mount is what Canada Post used to create the 2009 Stompin' Tom Stamp, and bordering the photo are 15 actual Stamps. Then, bordering the Stamps, and elegantly scripted, are many of the Stompin' Tom song titles that we have all enjoyed for many years.

The mounts are inserted into a standing frame for immediate display, or you may choose to replace the frame with one of your own.

Stamp Mounts aquired only a small quantity of these and when they are gone, there will be no more available. The future value of these Stamp mounts is hard to say, and we have priced them here in the Stompin' Shop at $49.95, possibly a small fraction as to their value down the road.

If you are interested in aquiring this Rare item for yourself, or perhaps it's a perfect unique gift for that Big Stompin' Tom fan we all know, click HERE to be taken to the Stompin' Shop and obtain one before they are gone.

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