One day in cold February,
In the year of two thousand and one,
From Edmonton City, Alberta,
This remarkable story had come.

While sleeping one night with her mother,
Just a baby of 13 months old,
Little Erika Nordby awakened,

She crawled out of bed in the cold.
Out through a door that was open,
To a night that was 30 below,
By the time her poor mother came looking,
Her body was froze in the snow.

In panic, she called paramedics,
But much to her sorrow they said,
Little Erika's heart wasn't beating,
And they told her her baby was dead.


Erika Nordby, Erika Nordby,
Captured the world with her smile.
Come hear the story of Erika Nordby,
Canada's Miracle Child.

Then soon at the medical centre,
From her head to the tips of her toes,
No way she could take intravenous,
All the veins in her body were froze.
But after some gradual heating,
And much to their learned surprise,
Her faint little heart started beating,
While doctors had tears in their eyes.

Then up in the arms of her mother,
When they saw little Erika smile,
All the media published her picture,
And they called her "That Miracle Child."

But they couldn't believe how it happened,
This baby who froze in the snow,
And how she completely recovered,
Was a mystery no mortal could know.
Repeat chorus - End.

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